Reasons To Take Your Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Class With Us

training law enforcement since 1990

Our classes start at $75 for the basic handgun carry permit class. We haven’t changed our prices since 1993. You need to take your class from Instructors that are established with a good track record with the State of Tennessee and the industry as a whole. You need to also be assured they will still be in business if or when you need them. Goodlettsville Gun Shop has never had a student involved in any negative encounter with Law Enforcement or been involved in a shooting. That’s something no one else can say.

We give you all your state certification paperwork at the end of class that day. Unlike other schools that ask you to pick up your paperwork at a later date or they can mail it to you.

We give a 10% discount on anything in our store to our former students... yes everything... Guns, Ammo, Holsters.. the works!!!

Tennesse Handgun Carry Permit Classes

Goodlettsville Gun Shop's Tennessee Handgun Training Program instructors are the best in the business, teaching gun safety, laws, and proper handgun use.

Instructors clear a jam... Remember safety first!

Goodlettsville Gun Shop instructors have been teaching Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Classes longer then any other school, instructor, or facility in Tennessee. Our staff participated in the first successful legislative discussions that led to our current permit law, and litigate every time we have bills that effect Tennessee’s gun owners. Goodlettsville Gun Shop instructors are the most qualified and trained instructors, (NRA, State of Tennessee Dept. of Safety, and TN Law Enforcement Post Firearms Certifications, Gunsite, Glock, Smith&Wesson, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency), with the best legal track record in the state.

specializing in teaching novices & women

Take your TN Handgun Carry Permit Class from the people who were there in the beginning, and strive daily to help keep and expand on your handgun permit privileges, and to date have had no legal instances involving a former student. Classes are held in our store in Goodlettsville and we can travel to your area depending on availability of firing range facilities.

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The Tennessee Handgun Training Program provided for this class will include the following training and benefits:

  1. Four hours of classroom training on the subject matter as provided by the Tennessee Department of Safety's requirements. This course will include lecture, as well as graphically presented material. You will be tutored as necessary to pass the written test requirements.
  2. Four hours Range exercises, including "live fire" practice to insure that you achieve the necessary skills not only to pass the practical qualification test, but to feel confident that you have achieved a level of competency that will prevail in the case of a practical application of the skills you have learned.
  3. Materials and Supplies Furnished to Complete Course:
    1. Firearm if you don’t have one: ammunition is the responsibility of the student
    2. Textbooks and various other educational materials
    3. Targets used for qualifying
    4. All safety equipment
    5. Eye & Ear Protection provided during range exercises (we also carry these items for sale in the showroom)
    6. Certificate of Completion upon successfully meeting the requirements for the award as provided for by State Law.

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